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20101104-badguy-faces, originally uploaded by DevilCrayon. Making up a scary badguy face. Tried to do the same face from different angles. Some worked better than others. I think the one in the top left looks a bit like the Sovereign from The Venture Brothers.

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20101102-old-BART-sign, originally uploaded by DevilCrayon. The old BART schedule sign from the Ashby station. This has since been replaced with one of the new lights. I was using it as a perspective exercise. I’m not thrilled with how it turned out, but it was good practice.

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20100629-bottles, originally uploaded by DevilCrayon. This is a quick sketch that I did at work while sitting with some of our staff artists. This time I used the old 4B graphite stick. I wanted to work on some perspective things, so the table’s set of bottles, napkins and books as a good subject for that. […]

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Mass Drawing #2

20080727-mass, originally uploaded by DevilCrayon. Another one of those mass drawing exercises. This one was a little more rushed. But hey, I finally drew something new.

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Fan Face

20080727-fanface, originally uploaded by DevilCrayon. There’s this face in one of the blades of the ceiling fan at R’s new place.

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Mass Drawing

20080625-mass, originally uploaded by DevilCrayon. Another art school lesson, but one I’ve not done before. I got it from Nancy Doyle’s Art Instruction page. Proportions are a little off, but better than I was expecting for a first shot at this sort of thing.

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An Evening Amoung Reconstucted Destruction

Once I got my fancy new supplies, I went down to the Bulb to draw some things. These are the things I drew.  They are pretty thoroughly terrible, but that’s to be expected for the first real attempt at anything beyond phone-doodles in … HOBO-HUMPING CHRIST! 15 years? Really?  Yeah. OK. really. The first of […]

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