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An Evening Amoung Reconstucted Destruction

Once I got my fancy new supplies, I went down to the Bulb to draw some things.

These are the things I drew.  They are pretty thoroughly terrible, but that’s to be expected for the first real attempt at anything beyond phone-doodles in … HOBO-HUMPING CHRIST! 15 years? Really?  Yeah. OK. really.

The first of the first:

A bayscape with poor perspective, in graphite on paper.



The top of stairs up to the top of one of the reconstructed destruction building. charcoal on paper.

Proportions are off, there’s no depth to the inside and I got bored drawing all the graffiti on the outside.



The other end of the roof from the staircase. A spray painted heart on an odd outcropping of cement. My hands got cold in the fish-and-fennel scented bay breeze, so I quit on this one. More charcoal.



Crap in a tree. This one actually has an element I think turned out well: the tree and branches got a nice sort of Chinese watercolor look using the side of the woodless graphite pencile.