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{ Monthly Archives } June 2008

Mass Drawing

20080625-mass, originally uploaded by DevilCrayon. Another art school lesson, but one I’ve not done before. I got it from Nancy Doyle’s Art Instruction page. Proportions are a little off, but better than I was expecting for a first shot at this sort of thing.


More Large-scale doodling

20080621-doodly2, originally uploaded by DevilCrayon. I had an idea for this one that was very different from what I ended up with, but I like it. Especially the leafy feathery thing at the top. The lines there feel solid and light at the same time.


Doodly days

20080621-doodly, originally uploaded by DevilCrayon. My notepads at work are covered with small versions of this sort doodling. I wanted to do a full page of this sort of thing and have the whole thing be visually interesting. I’m not sure I totally succeeded, but I do like that the different sections have slightly different […]


20080616-saltshaker, originally uploaded by DevilCrayon. It’s been a few days. Here’s a salt shaker, done in charcoal pencil. I tried not to draw any lines and do the whole thing with shading alone. It’s listing a bit to the right and looks a bit asymmetric, but overall I’m pretty pleased with the way this turned […]


20080612-contourfoot, originally uploaded by DevilCrayon. Contour #3! Moving down the leg, we got to the foot. Parts of it are way off, but I put a lot more time into this one than the other two and I think that show. It’s pretty much recognizable as a foot, so that’s good.

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20080612-contourleg, originally uploaded by DevilCrayon. Contour drawing #2 of the day: My leg folded in my lap. It’s a bit disembodied because the drawing pad was in the way.

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20080612-contourcup, originally uploaded by DevilCrayon. Today’s assignment was the 1st year art school favorite – contour line drawings. This is the first, done at work. My water cup. Very exciting. Perspective and scale aren’t great, but you can tell it’s a cup, so that’s something. This was the first try with the fancy brush tip, […]

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An Evening Amoung Reconstucted Destruction

Once I got my fancy new supplies, I went down to the Bulb to draw some things. These are the things I drew.  They are pretty thoroughly terrible, but that’s to be expected for the first real attempt at anything beyond phone-doodles in … HOBO-HUMPING CHRIST! 15 years? Really?  Yeah. OK. really. The first of […]

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Hi, I’m DevilCrayon.  Long ago I used to take art classes in school and enjoyed them pretty well.  It’s now been a good number of years and whatever skills I’d developed are extremely rusty.  I want to knock some of that rust off and maybe add a layer of Rust-Oleum®.  So, to get started today […]

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